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Card Series

I was very excited to create this illustrated card series for 6.25 Paper Studio! They wanted a series of greeting cards centered around adoption and celebrating all the exciting parts of that journey. I had a great time planning and concepting with their owner Abbey Fowler to create these designs for 6.25 Paper. See more photos here.

Sketchy Video

I teamed up with whiteboard artist Andrew Montpetit to create this illustrative video to help ‘The Factory’ visually describe who they are. See the video here.

#1 for Social Engagement

The banks’ social media efforts that I’ve been running for the past two years was recently ranked as the #1 financial institution for “Facebook Fan Engagement Rate” in the world. The Financial Brand ran this study and included over 750 of the most social engaging financial institutions in their research.

Thriller Dance Event and Design

This was a promotional dance tutorial event that I did as a fun and unique way to promote an organization. We collaborated with the GR Swing Society and as a sponsor and decided to get involved in a unique way. The sponsoring organization wanted to reach out to a younger demographic and this assisted in showing their fun and youthful side. Hundreds of participants came and got in on the zombie dance action. I had fun with the design of the event poster for this as well.

Check out the video and learn the moves for yourself!

The creative marketing on this got recognition from Fox17 News: Video, as well as the American Banker, read here.

Larger than Life

I do thoroughly enjoy print but sometimes it can be a lot fun to work in “ft” instead of “in”. This one of the more exciting large ads I got to create (and photograph) for Mercantile Bank that  is up in the Whitecaps ballpark outfield. (Fingers crossed a photo gets taken with a player crashing into this diving for a fly ball.)

Print Ad for Iron Man Triathlon

Triathlons: Swimming, Biking, Running, and Succeeding in personal goals. I used vintage design with hint of texture to give this ad a defined look.

101 Best Companies Ad

It’s great to work with a company who has set up a culture that values high employee satisfaction. Mercantile Bank received the honor of being one of the “101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” in West Michigan. This ad was designed to show “the diversity of the minds” of the talented employees that work at the there. (My favorite guy is the top far left)

New HireTilley Site

Welcome to the new HireTilley website.  My previous site was becoming dated and I had so much new work that it just made more sense to do a whole overhaul. This site is much cleaner and the navigation is more intuitive. Poke around and thanks for visiting.