Big Ideas

API Hack Day is a yearly event that happens in downtown San Francisco. It is an all day program centered around building unique applications using APIs. I attended this event and had the idea to create an application that asks its users fun personality questions, gathers their information, taps into Edmunds API (from, and creates a formulated suggestion of vehicles that would best suite the user based on their preferences. For the UI and design of this app I went with bold colors, an intuitive directional flow, and fun visual icons. It was built on a one page platform and auto scrolls down to the next question after the previous is answered to keep the user progressing. I worked with two very talented developers, Ismail Eishareef and Tabrez Sait. The app took 2nd place overall and is a continuing work in progress.

Try the app and see what vehicle best fits your personality:


This was a promotional dance tutorial event that I did as a fun and unique way to promote an organization. We collaborated with the Grand Rapids Original Swing Society and as a sponsor and decided to get involved in a creative way. The sponsored institution wanted to reach out to a younger demographic and this assisted in showing their youthful side. Hundreds of participants came out and got in on the zombie dance action. Check out the video below and learn the moves for yourself!

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There is a monthly “idea pitching” event that happens in Grand Rapids called 5×5 Night.  It is an event where people with business ideas apply online and the 5 top voted people get to present to a panel of judges their idea in an attempt to win a $5,000 funding prize.  I helped a business who wanted to partner with 5×5 create the idea of the “Fund It” chip which would give the audience at these events a much desired way to personally get involved.  I created the chip, its design, and the deposit boxes to which the attendees drop their chip into.  This partnership is ongoing and is increasing attendee interaction and engagement.


Hang 10 is a program I created that enables businesses to give their employees needed time away from the office to focus on creative inspirational projects.  Once a business enrolls one of their employees into this program that employee is given a schedule and an offsite workspace to spend 10% of their week (1/2 day a week) on independent or group inspirational projects of their own choosing.  Studies have shown that giving this type of creative freedom not only increases the employee’s job satisfaction but also increases their overall ability to add value to their company’s goals and mission.  This program came out of my own experiences and research with work surroundings and their influence in how we as individuals are inspired.

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Etsy had a contest when they were first launching web apps for submitters to come up with unique app ideas.  A collaborator and myself launched EtsyText, a text notification app for sale and message monitoring.  The app won Honorable Hack from Etsy and within a few hours was supporting hundreds of users.

See Contest Page Announcement       See EtsyText Website


The SquareHolder campaign is something I created to enable a community to come together and support a shared workspace.  The workspace was looking for additional ways to bring in revenue so I launched a campaign where individuals could “own” a square on a wall in the space for a fee and then could have freedom to do with their space as they please.  People could put up company logos, photos, draw pictures, post an ad, ect.  The real purpose was to give people a true sense of ownership of this space they were in.

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